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Transmission principle

The composition of harmonic drive devices 

The driving device consists of three basic parts, namely the wave generator, the soft wheel and the steel wheel. 
Ferry generator: consists of flexible bearing and elliptical CAM. The wave generator is usually installed at the input end of the reducer, the inner circle of the flexible bearing is fixed on the CAM, and the outer ring can form the ellipse through the ball bearing. 
Soft wheel: flexible thin wall elastomer parts with outer ring, usually installed at the outlet end of the Shouting device. 
Rigid circular ring with inner teeth ring, usually two gear teeth, usually fixed on the body of the reducer. 

The principle of harmonic reduction 

The harmonic is used as a reducer, usually using the wave generator initiative, the wheel fixed, the soft wheel output. 
When the wave generator is loaded into the inner circle of the flexible wheel, it forces the flexwheel to produce an elastic deformation and an ellipse, so that its long shaft gear is inserted into the wheel slot of the rigid wheel, becoming a complete rodent state. However, the two wheel teeth of its short axis are completely out of contact, and the place is disengaged. Between the rotlet and the process of taking off, don‘t be snappable or snappable. When wave generator continuous rotation, force deformation of soft round beef continuously, make the two wheel tooth in the meshes into, meshing, tooth out and release in the process of changing their respective working state, the so-called wrong tooth movement, so as to realize the movement of the soft wheel and the active wave generator. 

Iii. Characteristics of harmonic transmission 

1. High precision: tooth position in two l80 degrees of mesh at the same time, so the pitch error and accumulated pitch error of gear to rotate precision averagely, the influence of high location accuracy and rotation accuracy can be obtained. 
2. Transmission ratio: the transmission ratio of single harmonic gear drive is 30 ~ 500, and the structure is simple, and three basic zero parts on the coaxial axis can reduce the reduction ratio. 
3. The load capacity is high: the meshing of teeth and teeth in the harmonic drive is the surface contact, plus the mesh number is more, so the unit area load is small, and the carrying capacity is higher than other transmission forms. 
4. Small volume, light weight, compared with ordinary gear, volume and weight can be greatly reduced, realizing the miniaturization, Hu. 
5. Transmission efficiency bureau, long life 
6. The transmission is smooth, no impact, low noise